UAM Team

Felipe Yunta Mezquita

GIS Team Coordinator

Felipe Yunta Mezquita is professor in the UAM Department of Agricultural Chemistry and Bromatology. His teaching and research is in soil science. His main research line is focused on characterization and reactivity of synthetic iron chelates (analogous to o,o-EDDHA/Fe) in soil/plant system. At the same time he supervises more than ten graduate projects on remote sensing and soil science subjects. Felipe Yunta is the coordinator of the GIS team within the PARTICIPIA project.

Miguel Castro Gómez

Miguel Castro Gómez is a BSc student in Environmental Sciences at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. At present, he is on Erasmus exchange at Wageningen University (the Netherlands). Previously, he successfully completed an internship at Labaqua S.A. for the purpose of implementing "Water9", a software to model greenhouse gases (GHG). Supervised by Felipe Yunta and Maduako Okorie, he is working on the Namibia case study of the PARTICIPIA project.


Antonio Vázquez Barquero

Module 5 Team Coordinator

Antonio Vázquez Barquero is Professor of Economics at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. He is specialized in endogenous development, spatial organization of production including industrial districts and innovative milieus, economics of innovation, and local development policy.


José Guimón de Ros

José Guimón de Ros is Associate Professor at the Department of Economic Structure and Development Economics of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. His recent research focusses on analyzing the territorial impact of multinational corporations and on exploring the interplay between investment promotion policies and innovation policies. He has participated in several EU-funded research projects and has been a visiting researcher at Trinity College Dublin (Ireland) and the University of Fribourg (Switzerland). He holds a PhD in economics from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and a Master in industrial engineering from Cornell University (USA).

Maricruz Lacalle Calderon

Maricruz Lacalle Calderon is Professor of Political Economy and Economic Development at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM). She is also the director of the Master program in Microcredits for Development.  She started her research line in microcredits with her doctoral thesis entitled "Characterization and utility of Microcredit in Poverty Reduction", and has continued along this path with the publication of numerous scientific works on the subject, among which:
- Lacalle Calderón, Maricruz (2008): Microcréditos y Pobreza. De un Sueño al Nobel de la Paz, Ed. Turpial, Madrid, ISBN: 978-84-95157-22-5.
- Lacalle Calderón, M.; Rico, S. y Durán, J. (2008): “Estudio piloto de evaluación de impacto del programa de microcréditos de Cruz Roja española en Ruanda”, Revista de Economía Mundial, Nº 19, pp. 83-104. ISSN: 1576-0162.

Roberto Nello

Roberto Nello is a researcher in the Centre for Development Studies at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. He is a member of the Committee for Evaluation of Economic Viability of Microcredits in the Tomillo Foundation. He is also specialized in Sustainable Development and Microcredits for Rural Areas. Recently he has participated in the evaluation of the social and economic impact of rural microcredits in Guatemala.

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