Kick-off Workshop

Kick-off Workshop at Stellenbosch University, 24-28 March 2014

The five-day kick-off workshop of PARTICIPIA was held 24-28 March 2014 at Stellenbosch University (South Africa). The workshop took place at the facilities of the Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study (STIAS). Representatives of all partner institutions and most associate partner institutions attended the workshop (participant list). For details on the outcome of the workshop, see the report of the meeting.


Follow this link for an overview of the Master's Modules agreed upon during the meeting: Forum-courses


Monday 24 March
Formal Project Presentation by Mario Giampietro
Overview of Ideas Emerging from December 2013 Meeting by Mario Giampietro
SU CRSES presentation by Alan Brent
Presentation of UB Graduate Programs by Cheddi Kiravu
Presentation on Namibian Energy Situation by Zivayi Chiguvare
Presentation on Graduate Programs at PoN by Zivayi Chiguvare
Afternoon presentation on Quality Assurance on Knowledge Claims by Mario Giampietro

Tuesday 25 March
Presentation on Grammars by Mario Giampietro
Presentation on Metabolic Pattern and Sudoku by Mario Giampietro
Presentation on Ethical Matrix by Scott Bremer


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